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Walking on Bridges:

Walks along the packhorse routes and bridges of the Lake District


Winner of the 2010 Lakeland Book of the Year award - Michael Berry prize for Guides, Walks and Places

About this book:

  • ISBN: 9781904524694 (hardback) 9781904524687 (paperback)

  • Published 2009

  • Price £20.00 (hardback) + postage £15.00 (paperback) + postage

  • 198 pages

  • Illustrated with 128 colour photographs, line drawings and maps.




Robin Bray just loves bridges. He writes of them as some would write about a beautiful woman. But this book is more than just romantic pontology. It sets the fine ancient bridges of Lakeland in their historical and economic context in a series of spectacular walks in which the bridges are the stars.
Eric Robson, Chairman, Cumbria Tourist Board

The Book:
This book takes the reader on walks along the packhorse routes and bridges of the English Lake District. Walking on Bridges lists and describes the old packhorse bridges as well as saying something about bridges in general. It also contains descriptions of 24 walks over passes used by the packhorses, ten short walks, each with a bridge, and twelve longer, circular walks which are mainly on packhorse routes. There are 61 full-colour route maps, four overview maps, 36 colour plates and 26 drawings.

The Author:
Robin Bray was born in Worsley, near Manchester, and went to school in Bolton. He studied medicine at University College London and ultimately became a consultant anaesthetist in Newcastle upon Tyne, where he still lives. He has had a lifelong love affair with the Lake District and has struggled up most of its mountains at one time or another as well as having frequented a fair selection of its bed and breakfasts. As well as appreciating beautiful countryside he has always admired the unsung engineers who have made our world so much easier to live in. He has managed to combine the two in this book which he hopes you will enjoy.

More Reviews:

Bridging the Gap - A retired doctor has taken a new path in life and fulfilled a lifetime ambition in the process by writing a guidebook to one of the North's major beauty spots.
North doctor Robin Bray has spent decades exploring the enigmatic wilderness of the Lake District. And now the former consultant anaesthetist is set to share some of his favourite walks around the Cumbria landscape...
He explained: "I don't know when I first started to notice the old packhorse bridges, but when I did, I thought they were beautiful. Bridges can be things of great beauty and great usefulness.
"Anyone who has tried walking through a fast-flowing river will tell you just how handy a bridge is. Seeing bridges which have endured for so long can be a highlight of a walk." Sunday Sun, 6 September 2009

AT FIRST glance, a book based almost entirely on bridges in the Lake District probably would not appeal to huge number of people. However Bray’s unparalleled passion and enthusiasm for the subject could tempt any avid fell-walker into sharing his fascination.
From the anatomy of bridges to their historical and economic significance, Bray discusses his subject with a sense of splendour and poetry.
He sees them as the pinnacle of human endeavour, and with many annotated maps and guided walks, gives the reader a good incentive to get out and see them... Westmorland Gazette, September 2009


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