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Scottish Red Deer and their Conservation


About this book:

  • ISBN: 9781904524939 (hardback)

  • Published May 2014

  • Price £25.00 + postage

  • 267 pages

  • Illustrated with 49 colour photographs.

The Book:
SCOTTISH RED DEER AND THEIR CONSERVATION is the account of the author's time as Scientific Officer for the Nature Conservancy working on the Deer Survey of Scotland and setting up a research programme on the Island of Rum. The book explores every aspect of the life of a Scottish red deer as well as looking at the other species on the island. The work includes excellent photographs plus many graphs and tables relating to studies of the population of deer, a comprehensive index and colour photographs.

The Author:
Pat Lowe was born in Sri Lanka and went to school in Oxford and Yorkshire, followed by studying zoology at Oxford Univeristy and post-graduate research at the Bureau of Animal Population, Oxford.
He was appointed Scientific Officer in the Nature Conservancy in 1957 and worked on the Deer Survey of Scotland, setting up and running a research programme for the Island of Rum. From 1967 until he retired he worked as a researcher at the Merlewood Research Station, Cumbria.

I have known Patrick Lowe for many years as a friend and a man of the hills. Coming from a person of huge integrity, this book is a suitable appendix to A. G. Cameron’s 'The Wild Red Deer of Scotland' published so long ago.
The Red Deer herd on Rum was ideal for research, being isolated by the sea but this research has sometimes been jeopardised by confusion in the public mind about deer management, public ownership, the regeneration of native birchwood and the identification of deer with private land ownership in other parts of Scotland.
Patrick Gordon-Duff-Pennington, Muncaster Castle

British Association for Shooting and Conservation magazine review:


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