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Northern Warrior:

The Story of Andreas de Harcla


About this book:

  • ISBN: 9780952328285

  • Published 2001

  • Price £8.95 + postage

  • 206 pages

  • Illustrated with maps



About the Book:
A chance visit to the ruins of Hartley Castle, Westmorland, inspired the author to investigate the history of one of its most famous inhabitants - the 14th century knight Sir Andreas de Harcla. The quest lasted ten years and resulted in Adrian Rogan writing this epic adventure based closely on historical fact.

In a troubled period of Border warfare between Robert the Bruce and Edward II, Andreas de Harcla became a formidable warrior leading dangerous raids into enemy territory. Military spies, the mystery of the hermit of Pendragon, family feuds and a love story all come together to make this a great read.

The second part of this trilogy is now available - see 1314.

We, who are privileged to live in the North of England, are surrounded by the history of the disputed lands and Border skirmishes of the 14th century. Adrian Rogan has brought alive this colourful period of our past. Prof. Robert Swan, OBE, polar traveller and Special Envoy to the Director General of UNESCO

England's Robert the Bruce brought to life
THE English Robert the Bruce, Andreas de Harcla, is brought to life in an important book by a first-time Kirkby Stephen novelist.

Adrian Rogan, of Standards Villa, South Road, has spent three years writing the novel, Northern Warrior: The Story of Andreas de Harcla, which is an action adventure story based on historical fact.

He was inspired to write about the adventures of the charismatic Andreas de Harcla, a fearless warrior who lived at Hartley, near the town, in the early 14th century, after he visited the Hartley Castle site ten years ago and found a six inch stone ball which would have once been used as a missile.

He was taken back 700 years and began to imagine what it would have been like then. Much of his research for the novel was carried out at the Carlisle records office, and the work was at first to be purely historical, but Mr. Rogan thought it would be better if fictional colour was put on the historical bones.

The story is set in 1310 during the period of border warfare between Robert the Bruce and Edward II. What makes Mr. Rogan's novel unusual is that it is narrated from an English perspective. Military spies, the mystery of the hermit of Pendragon, family feuds and a love story all feature in the book. One of its main characters is Robert de Clifford, Earl of Westmorland, who was the head of a powerful border family and played an important role in the defence of northern England.

Mr. Rogan said he loved writing the novel and became engrossed in it. He hopes it will inspire readers to find out more about the man and the period or even visit some of the places mentioned in the book, which could form part of a trilogy. Work has already started on the second installment.

An accounts manager in the dairy industry, Mr. Rogan grew up in Blackpool, where he attended St. Joseph's College. He was employed by a family firm in Fleetwood before he moved to Kirkby Stephen in 1989, where he lives with his wife, Sue, and their four children, Nicholas, Patrick, Ysanne, and Anya. He is a member of Upper Eden Rugby Club and enjoys fishing. Cumberland & Westmorland Herald, November 2001






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